The Cupping Therapy

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Enseignant de la référence : "Médecine des Ventouses ©" (M.D.V.) : Président A.I.P.M.V. (Association Internationale des Praticiens Médecine des Ventouses.)
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L'A.I.P.M.V. Training offers on Cupping Medicine© (La Médecine des Ventouses ©. M.D.V)

The Cupping Medicine codified and updated to our contemporary care in 47 years of practice and the publication of 3 books (referring à oter) on the subject.

This therapeutic technique is precise because it comes from three professional disciplines of Physiotherapy (general medicine), Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therefore codified therapeutic protocols have given probing unsuspected results, in articular, rheumatic and sport pathologies, on condition that rigor be applied in the clinical reasonning and in the topographic precison of localization of the cups. Sprains, tightness, tendonitis, contractures, congestions and persistent edema, arthralgia, lumbar pain, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, columns, etc. Are the articular topographies mainly concerned, by the M.D.V. (Cupping Medicine©.)

For all those pathologies, the technical placing will be perfectly decoded, explaining the precise choice of the points of laying, as well on the anatomical level, as on physiological and clinical levels. Each of these reasons may have a specificity place of laying that is not invented, but corresponds to a precise rule that has to be learned.

It is necessary to know the process, the clinical and anatomical indications and contraindications. How choose one technique over another? Why?

Why do some areas or specific pathologies require a special procedure? What to do? And above all, what not to do? and therefore avoid mistakes due to improvisation! It is essential to control these parameters, as it determines the quality of the expected analgesic result. The cups, are not pots of yogurt that you put on the skin, with a fancy topography.

"The Cupping Medicine© (M.D.V. ©), You set it with your brain…!

If you don’t respect the clinical protocols of application, If you don’t respect the anatomical protocols of application, If you don’t respect the precise number of the cups laid according to the pathology: "... you will not have the expected result! "

Many colleagues and health professionals, French, Swiss, Belgians, Tunisians, Luxemburgers, Ukrainians, Algerians, Germans, Moroccans, Austrians, Italians, Polishs, Russians, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, confirm the Cupping Medicine© to be a major gesture of manual therapy.
It is at the antipodes of medieval practices, it is to be fully claimed in the antalgic performance of our health caring.

This training in (M.D.V.) is the only official training of Cupping Medicine© .
A certificate of hability called Cupping Medicine©( M.D.V) is delivererd at the end of the training.
It gives you membership to (MDV) Cupping Medicine© European and International Practitioners Listing.
It is limited to the Health Professionnals.

The Cupping Medicine© is of major interest in Sports medicine. All the traumas of soft tissues, muscels and ligaments, in the inflammatory pathology due to the trauma primary, secondary and long term sequels. Sprains, tendonitis, aponeurosis, contractures, congestions and persisting oedema etc. Many colleagues specialized in sportsmedicin and Sport physiotherapy certified (M.D.V), taking care off sports club in France and internationally, have been applying this therapy for several years, confirm surprising results! High-level and multi-medal athletes from the American and Asian continents are using this technique with recognized benefits.

This training is regularly praised by all the health professionals who have followed the course, because it is serious, innovative and original. The technique of the cups thus codified is a specific act of manual therapy and which should be claimed as it "high and loud"

The course is given in French. Organizers must provide a translator if necessary. For professionals: anatomy, physiology, pathology ... are universal languages!

Only " Referral Training M.D.V." Médecine des Ventouses. (Cupping Medicine©).
France, Europe and Internationally.
Certificate of competence M.D.V. Issued as a result of the training.
Registration European Listing of Practitioners M.D.V.
Reserved for health professions.

Last book, the third on the suject :

Excerpts from the 370 visuals of the course / Formation Cupping Medicine ©. And the last work in progress.
Guide Thérapeutique, en Médecine des Ventouses©.
Décodage des Protocoles de Traitement M.D.V.
Aide Mémoire du Praticien. (370 visuels thérapeutiques.)
Editions Guy TREDANIEL: 19 rue St Severin 75005. Paris.

3rd book. Therapeutic Guide, in the Cupping Medicine ©. Decoding of the Treatment Protocols Cupping Medicine Help Memory of the Practitioner.

True Checklist Technique of the practitioner of Cupping Medicine ©, this 3rd work on the subject, is a computer precision, condenses all the many unsuspected indications of this fabulous therapeutic, updated to our practices of contemporary care. Explicit descriptions of the application protocols, in their anatomical, neurophysiological, energetic and therapeutic details, determining the reference M.D.V. The third real breviary book of practice, more than 370 therapeutic visuals, released in early 2018:

How to do ? And above all why not do? Indications and contraindications not tolerant of amateurism. The Cupping Medicine © (M.D.V. ©). Credibilizes technically the therapeutic contribution of this practice of care, with a professional rigor to the antipodes of the esotericism. Arthritis, Rheumatology, Physiotherapy, sports medicine, and multitudes of other indications, resulting from the liberal professional experience (private practice) and hospital of the author, in almost ½ century of care devoted to others, and some 350.000 suction cups, applied throughout the working life.

  1. HENRY, is now a professional professor of the Cupping Medicine ©, in France, Europe and internationally, and is now
devoting himself mainly to the training of Health professionals specifically "Certified reference M.D.V. Cupping Medicine" promulgating the sometimes rapid and surprising results of this wonderful therapy.