Cupping Medecine Therapeutic Guide.

  1. Cupping Medecine in rheumatic algies and sports physiotherapy.
    • Head
      • M.D.V : Cervical pathologies.
      • M.D.V : Neck pains, torticollis, etc.
      • M.D.V : Migraines and headaches.
    • Généralities
      • M.D.Migraines and headaches pose protocols.
      • M.D.Yin Trang (3rd eye) specific pose.
      • M.D.Occipital neuralgia.
      • M.D.Trigeminal neuralgia.
      • M.D.Facial paralysis.
      • M.D.Temporomandibular joint pain.
      • M.D.V :
      • M.D.V :
    • Shoulder
      • M.D.Therapeutic protocols arthralgias shoulder, shoulder girdle, acromioclavicular joint.
      • M.D.Acute shoulder.
      • M.D.Topographic precision poses anatomical reference acromioclavicular joint pathology.
    • Elbow
      • M.D.Therapeutic protocols in elbow pathologies. Tennis elbow. Lateral epicondilitis.
      • M.D.Lateral epicondilitis.
      • M.D.Golfer’s elbow. Medial epicondilitis.
      • M.D.Biceps Tendinits.
      • M.D.Elbow three points protocol.
    • Wrist and hand
      • M.D.Wrist arthralgia.
      • M.D.Quervain senovynovitis.
      • M.D.Thumb pathology.
      • M.D.Carpal tunnel pathology.
      • M.D.Dupuytren’s contracture.
      • M.D.Algoneurodystrophy wrist.
    • Low back pain
      • M.D.Pathologies lombaires : protocoles de base – Low back pain: reference protocol.
      • M.D.Traitement des clefs de voûtes – Protocol of vertebral curvatures keys.
    • Hip
      • M.D.Hip therapeutic protocols pathologies.
      • M.D.Tendinitis of the gluteus medius bursitis pertrochanteric.
      • M.D.Tendinitis bursitis gluteus medius.
      • M.D.Snapping hip.
    • Pelvis
      • M.D.Sacroiliac joint diseases.
      • M.D.Crests treatment technology and Quadratus lumborum.
      • M.D.Pubalgia, adductor tendinitis.
    • Knee
      • M.D.Knee pathologies therapeutic protocols.
      • M.D.Internal knee protocols.
      • M.D.Pes anserine bursitis, tendinitis of the knee.
      • M.D.Cupping localization of knee tendinitis.
      • M.D.Quadriceps tendinis.
      • M.D.Suction cups on the patellar tendon pathology (jumper’s knee).
      • M.D.Osgood-Schlatter disease.
      • M.D.Patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee).
      • M.D.Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).
      • M.D.Patellar decompression technique.
      • M.D.Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS).
      • M.D.Knee tendinitis popliteal area.
      • M.D.Shin splints.
    • Soft tissues
      • M.D.Muscle cramps.
      • M.D.Muscle strains.
      • M.D.Muscle strain. Tear muscle, breakdown.
    • Circulatory pathologies
      • M.D.Crossed legs syndrome, restless legs syndrome (RLS).
    • Ankle
      • M.D.Ankle pathology, sprains, ligament injuries.
      • M.D.Algoneurodystrophy ankle, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).
      • M.D.Achilles tendon pathologies.
    • Foot and toes
      • M.D.Treatment of heel spurs.
      • M.D.Plantar Fasciitis.
      • M.D.Protocol “Key top of the 3 arches of the foot”.
      • M.D.Decongestion of the anterior arch of the foot.
      • M.D.Hallux-Valgus.
  2. Cupping Medecine in ductal syndromes.
    • Generalities. Ductal syndromes : cervical spine and upper limb.
      • M.D.Cervicobrachial neuralgia.
      • M.D.Thoracic outlet compression syndrome (TOCS).
      • M.D.Parasthesic nostalgia.
      • M.D.Post-zosteral neuralgia, postherpetic neuralgia.
      • M.D.Suprascapular neuropathy, suprascapular entrapment.
      • M.D.Cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar nerve compression Guyon canalUlnar nerve compression.
      • M.D.Carpal canal, double crush syndrome neuropathy.
    • Ductal syndromes : lumbar spine and pelvis
      • M.D.Lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain.
      • M.D.Meralgia paresthetica.
      • M.D.Piriformis syndrome.
      • M.D.Pudendale Neuralgia entrapment.
    • Ductal syndromes : the inferior member.
      • M.D.Infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve pareshesia.
      • M.D.Common Peroneal Nerve Entrapment at the Fibular head.
      • M.D.Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS).
      • M.D.Foot neuralgia of Morton (Morton’s neuroma).
      • M.D.Synthesis of preventive treatments for arthralgias of the foot, the arch of the foot, the toes.
  3. Cupping Medecine in visceral pathologies.
    • Generalities. Pulmonary visceral diseases.
      • M.D.Pulmonary points.
      • M.D.Protocol of diaphragmatic balance.
      • M.D.of essential oils in respiratory pathologies.
      • M.D.:
    • Dermatologic diseases.
    • Gynecologic diseases
      • M.D.Premenstrual syndrome.
      • M.D.Menopause hot flushes.
      • M.D.Support of essential oils in gynecologic pathologies.
    • Digestive diseases.
      • M.D.Pathology functional area of digestive projection.
      • M.D.Spleen stomach sphere balance.
      • M.D.Acid reflux, hiccups.
      • M.D.Intestine sphere balance.
      • M.D.Enteroptosis, decongestion quadratus lumborum.
    • Urinary diseases.
  4. Cupping Medecine in psychoemotional disorders.
    • M.D.Use of Sianes points in Keystones in psychoemotional disorders.
    • M.D.Psychoemotional pathology diaphragmatic balance protocol.
    • M.D.Conclusions on the therapeutic procedure of visceral and psychoemotional pathologies.
  5. Cupping Medecine and seasonal watchmaking.
    • M.D.V : Energy optimization of a year with the 5 elements.
    • M.D.V : Optimization of the cutaneous supports according to the seasons of the 5 elements.
    • Application of seasonal chronoregulation.
      • M.D.Seasonal autumn timing protocol.
      • M.D.Seasonal spring timing protocol.
      • M.D.Seasonal summer timing protocol.
      • M.D.V Seasonal winter timing protocol.

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