The Cupping Therapy

Nobody had shown the interest to update this old method of care, by saying himself:

In past, they obtained results! Although, the old practices are not more adapted, it would not be interesting to use suction cups, with the analysis of the indications and the clinical reflection, with the look of today?
Adapted to the knowledge of our methods of contemporary care!

It is what I'm doing for 47 years, in my exercise of the Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chinese Medicine>.

This experience of practice, my various researches in Faculties of Medicine, Paris, Strasbourg, Nancy, for the writing of my books , allowed me to notice, to codify, to establish therapeutic protocols of suction cups (suckers) , in numerous affections, and especially the joint pathology.

The concept of these " therapeutic protocols " of Cupping Medicine © totally innovative, have no anteriority of existence previously.

"La Médecine des Ventouses" Volume 1.

"La Médecine des Ventouses Volume 2. Cupping Thérapie Medicine.


Cupping , universal real practice of care "major component of the history of the care ", as are it the stethoscope or the syringe.

In my professional practice, I put an average of 7000 / 8000 cups (suckers) per year, for different pathologies.

The result in some cases will be exceptional by its speed and intensity of action.

A single application can sometimes solve a problem that lasts for years.


Historically, only the indication in respiratory diseases was the best known.

The many other beneficial results through medicine suction cups (suckers)  are not known.

And in particular their analgesic action in joint pain, and their fabulous action sports medicine.

It was necessary to correct that oversight!

This is what has been my commitment over several decades.


With this new codification of Cupping Medicine © , adapted to the effectiveness of our contemporary treatments, allows to give back to the cups (ventouses), a real therapeutic validity.


When it is possible and when the indication is correctly diagnosed, Cupping Medicine© “with new classifications” ,has a prime place in today’s medical care.

As professionals, we owe it to ourselves not to let this care technique with fabulous results escape our professional activity.

The innovation of this method comes from three clinical concepts, from 3 medical disciplines:
                                                      Physiotherapy, Osteopathy,
Chinese medicine.
This triple clinical association will give a,
"peculiarity of more successful, therapeutic results", because of this reasoning.
The deduction of cupping as this clinical Trilogy, was previously unknown, it is completely new!
                      This is what gave birth, to the " Cupping Medicine
©" …….   la Médecine des Ventouses ©"


The cupping technique is highly recommended in pathologies where we were not accustomed to use them:

Of big European and International sports clubs, sent their physiotherapists, osteopaths, to study this practice, noting the rapid rehabilitation of their athletes, treatment with Cupping Medicine.

High-level athletes, Olympic multi-medalists, from the American continent and Asian, use this technique with confirmed benefits.

Rheumatology : All joint pain are extraordinary signs of cupping: osteoarthritis, back pain, sciatica, shoulder  periarthritis, tennis elbow, heel spurs, etc.
  With a fabulous analgesic result, sometimes after the first treatment.
Migraines: usually two sessions are enough to obtain a previously unknown comfort.
  Facial neuralgia, neuralgia Arnold,  Zona, etc.

This technique of Cupping Medicine has constantly evolved, in intimate association with my own professional development and my various degrees, in 47 years of practice.
This knowledge, enabled me to deduce the development of more efficient enforcement rules, deduced precisely, different medical specialties learned during my distinct formations.

It would have been the most absolute indecency, keep in a inadmissible selfishness, this fabulous evolution of Cupping Medicine ©.
So, my only goal now is to teach, to transmit the effectiveness of this technique acquired in 47 years Hospital practice and to the office.


The cupping does not consist of simple glass pots applied to the skin, but requires precision in the method and location of specific anatomical point, which will determine the quality of the result.
This is not invented, but must learn!
This precise deduction symptomatology, to the antipodes of divinatory practices!

Cups need to be applied with your head!


Protocols, indications, cons-indications no-go zones, clinical and anatomical, are essential to know.
How favor one technique over another? Why?
 Cold cupping©?   Hot cupping©?
Interest simple cupping, compared to a scarified cupping? Or the opposite?
Why perform a linear scarification ©? Point Scarification©?  or wide scarification©?

(NB: Scarification
is a simple scratch, is similar to the scratch of a rose, no more!)


Why some points require this type of scarring? How to do?
And above all, why not other locations?  To avoid errors of improvisation!
The answer to these questions will deduct the exact point to deal with the Cupping Medicine and get the best results on the pain.
Determine the exact location of application of the cupping, is the result of a synthesis:
          • Emanating a trilogy reasoning "upstream" to determine the application technique,
          • Allows to deduct in "downstream", the localization codified for application of the cups.
It is the knowledge and the merger, between of these 3 medical specialties, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which enables this performance.


The acquisition of these parameters is essential for obtaining optimal results.
This technique is completely harmless in its execution, and extraordinary in the positive therapeutic results.
simple does not mean simplistic!


Precise knowledge of the anatomy and explicit knowledge of the clinical symptoms, the precise practical teaching, enables the production of certified professionals (M.D.V.)
I teach, " Cupping Medicine ©" for almost 4 decades, in France, Europe and Internationally.


The course is taught in French language.

But, the anatomy, the physiology, pathology, is "universal languages" …for professionals!

This unique course (M.D.V.) in France and Europe, is taught to health professionals, physiotherapists, doctors, osteopaths.
Professionals: French, Swiss, Belgians, Tunisians, Algerians, Germans, Poles, Luxembourg, Moroccans, Italians, Ukrainians, Portuguese, Spaniards, Russians, Greeks, Canadians, Vietnamese.
The Students confirm steadily,
credibility and therapeutic seriously, this training at post-course survey.
This course is the only one that certifies professionals "specific skill, M.D.V .©" in Europe and Internationally.
The "Cupping Medicine ©".  (
Médecine des Ventouses©.)

The Cupping Medicine with their effective results in pain, have a total safety, without any side effects, deserve much better than disdain.
Disdaining this new practice, we deprive ourselves of an extraordinarily effective therapeutic weapon in our daily practice.

Without denying the signs of their past, the modernization of the new practice of cupping, performed by professionals with specific knowledge of this new clinical coding, necessarily leads to a positive result in unexpected areas.
It is the most elementary good faith, to consider this technique as a major gesture of our daily care, and not as an esoteric medieval folklore, dreamers of another era!

For the interests of the patient, it would be unfortunate if the effectiveness of a method of care remains forgotten for dogmatic reasons.
If this technique is practiced with integrity and discernment, with the sole aim to relieve pain and moreover.... succeeds in doing so!

Must prove the effectiveness of treatment, with logarithms or mathematical percentages, must not lead to discriminate against non-conventional disciplines say, compared to conventional medicine.

Many medical practices validated by them, are far more on the basis of opinion of the medical profession, rather than sometimes on the basis of rigorous scientific studies.

It is smarter to speak, of a converging set of evidence and acceptability.

One of my Master Teachers told me: "When a patient says that he suffers ... ..believe it!"

And when a sick "... says he's relieved ... .believe it too!"

This is what we hear in our offices, from satisfied patients for this treatment.

Do not judge, with the vanity of knowledge, but have truthful knowledge.

Daniel Henry

By the simplicity of the technique of Cupping, this openness can serve the interests of patients.

Daniel Henry

Single course in France, Europe and International.
Only, "Referential Training M.D.V." Cupping Medicine ©.
(Médecine des Ventouses ©.)
Competency certificate, issued following training.
Registration at Listing International Practitioners (M.D.V.)
Reserved for health professions.


Training medical Cupping Medicine © is provided in Europe and Internationally.
The course is given in French, organizers must provide a translation. (Anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc. are international languages!)




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