HENRY Daniel : Kinésithérapeute/ Ostéopathe/ Kiné-Chinoise. Acupuncteur/.    

Enseignant de la référence : Médecine des Ventouses ©” (M.D.V.)           

France / Europe / International :  Suisse, Belgique, Portugal, Espagne, Italie, Luxembourg, Vietnam, Maroc.

Président A.I.P.M.V. (Association Internationale des Praticiens Médecine des Ventouses.)

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Bibliographie :

“La Médecine des Ventouses ©” (Livre 1)”. (M.D.V.)

La Médecine des Ventouses Cupping Thérapie Medicine © (Livre 2)”. (M.D.V.)

Guide Thérapeutique en Médecine des Ventouses © Décodage Protocoles de Traitement. M.D.V. ” (Livre 3.)”.

          Editions Guy TREDANIEL:  19 rue St Severin 75005. Paris.   http://www.editions-tredaniel.com/

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L’A.I.P.M.V. Training offers on Cupping Medicine© (La Médecine des Ventouses ©. M.D.V)

Organization of next training courses on Cupping Medicine, led by Daniel Henry.

History of the Concept.  Cupping Medicine©.

Nobody had shown the interest to update this old method of care, by saying himself:

    ” In the past, they obtained results!”

Although, the old practices are no more adapted would it not be interesting to use suction cups, with the analysis of the indications and the clinical reflection, with the vision of today?

Adapted to the knowledge of our methods of contemporary care! “

This is what I have been doing for 49 years in my health professional activity:

                                                         Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The suction cups, universal care practice, true “centerpiece of the history of care”, as well as the stethoscope or the syringe.
I put my first suction cup in 1966.
In my professional practice, I put an average of 50 cups a day  or 7000/8000 suction cups a year, all pathologies combined.
So I put, during all my professional activity some…. 350.000 suction cups.

This experience of 49 years of practice, in hospitals and private practice, my various researches in Faculties of Medicine in Paris, Strasbourg and Nancy, as well as my universal research in Chinese medicine, for the writing of my books , allowed me to notice, to codify, to establish therapeutic protocols of suction cups (suckers) , in numerous affections, and especially the joint pathology.

The concept of these “therapeutic protocols” of Cupping Medicine © totally innovative, have no anteriority of existence previously.

The writing of 3 books on this therapeutic method:

  • “La Médecine des Ventouses” Livre 1.
  • “La Médecine des Ventouses Livre 2. Cupping Thérapie Medicine. “
  • Le Livre 3 :

Guide Thérapeutique, en Médecine des Ventouses©.

Décodage des Protocoles de Traitement M.D.V.

Aide Mémoire du Praticien

The last book, a true Checklist Technique of the practitioner:

  • each pathology is described by precise anatomical visuals.
  • explicit therapeutic logos.
  • application-specific coding for each treatment.
  • new chapter in Sports Medicine  and Canal Compressions.

          (400 therapeutic visuals .Other programmed languages. See editor.)

At the beginning of my bibliographical research, in the 1970s for the realization of the first book, I noticed the poverty of precise, rigorous, symptomatological, anatomical, topographical or other documents existing on the subject.
Both at the level of our Western medicine, or in Asian medicine.

49 years of professional practice, to really improve this technique.
Initially used, in a somewhat empirical way, which nevertheless  gave results.

Search / Compare / Cancel / Restart / Associate / Find (sometimes!) / Define / Observe / Repeat (again!) /

Find / Codify / = Get Results!
These were my actions and my progression, to value the Cupping Medicine© during these decades.

Historically, “only” the indication in respiratory pathologies was the best known.
The many other beneficial results, thanks to the Cupping Medicine© are for a large part ….Totally unknown!
And in particular their analgesic action in joint pain and their fabulous action in sports medicine.
This neglectfulness had to be corrected. (Or more precisely … this lack of knowledge!)

That is, what has been my commitment, for several decades.
This new codification of suction cups, adapted to contemporary care techniques, makes it possible to restore a real therapeutic legitimacy to: the Cupping Medicine©.
For the sake of the patient, it would be regrettable if the efficacy of a method of care, for dogmatic or stupidly sectarian reasons, is forgotten.
When this technique is practiced with precision and honesty seeking the purpose of alleviating pain.   And, …it succeeds!

The innovation of this method results from three clinical concepts, emanating from 3 medical disciplines:
Physiotherapy (general medicine), Osteopathic, Chinese Medicine.

This triple clinical association will give a “peculiarity” of therapeutic results, more efficient, because of this “trilogic synthesis of reasoning”.
The application deduction of the suction cups according to this clinical trilogy was previously nonexistent, in its principle it is of totally innovative use.
This is the origin of … The Cupping Medicine©.  (La Médecine des Ventouses ©”.)

In some cases the result will be exceptional in its speed and intensity of action.
A single application can sometimes solve a pain that had existed for years.

The suction cups are wonderfully recommended in pathologies where their use was not usual:

Pneumology: the most ancient indication of cupping. Bronchitis, asthma, allergies, flu-like colds, O.R.L pathologies etc.
Dermatology: psoriasis, acne, eczema, allergies, etc.
Functional visceral: constipation, colopathies, dysmenorrhe a gynecology, menopause, catamenial lumbar pain.

Rheumatology: all articular pains are an extraordinary indication of cupping: knee osteoarthritis, lumbar pain, sciatica,    periarthritis-shoulder, epicondylitis, calcaneal spine etc.
With a fabulous analgesic result, sometimes after the first treatment.
Migraines: often two sessions are sufficient, to obtain comfort previously unknown.
Neuralgias of Arnold, Shingles, etc.

• Sports pathology: wonderful field of action of suction cups. Sprains, knees, ankles, breakdowns, various tendinitis, Achilles, tennis elbow, etc.
Major European and international sports clubs have sent their physiotherapists, osteopaths, to study this practice, noting

The last J.O of Rio, have disclosed the benefits of using this technique of “Cupping”, on the results of high-level, multi-medal athletes, Americans and Asians.
We will return to the information of this sporting particularism in the section Press. (See Press page.)

This technique of The Cupping Medicine© has constantly evolved, along with my professional development, and my various diplomas of training, in 49 years of practice.
This knowledge enabled me to demonstrate the elaboration of more effective application rules, deduced very precisely from the various medical specialities acquired during my different trainings.

It would have been profoundly regrettable, to keep, with an inadmissible egoism, this fabulous evolution of The Cupping Medicine.

So my only object now is to teach and to convey the effectiveness of this technic acquired in 49 years of private professional practice in hospital.
(Continuation concerning the Teaching M.D.V. see page Courses and Training.)

This course, reference M.D.V. The Cupping Medicine., unique in France, Europe and internationally, is taught to the health professionals, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Osteopaths, Nurses, Midwives.

The cups with their effective results on pain are totally harmless, without any harmful side effects and deserve much better than disregard.
By disdaining this new practice we deprive ourselves of an extraordinarily effective therapeutic weapon in our practice of daily care.

The modernization of this new practice of suction cups The Cupping Medicine, practiced by professionals confirmed to the acquisition of this new therapeutic codification, based on our contemporary medical knowledge, induces positive results in unexpected indications.

It is of the most elementary good faith to consider this technique as a major gesture of the daily life of our care and not as a medieval esoteric folklore of dreamers of another era!

One of my Master Teachers told me:   “When a patient says that he suffers … ..believe it!”

                                                       And when an ill person… says he’s relieved … .believe it too!”

This is what we hear in our offices from satisfied patients of this treatment.

The effectiveness of a treatment is not necessarily only proved with logarithms or mathematical lines.

When a sick person confirms « that he has objectively been relieved by this treatment »


The object is not to discriminate between so-called unconventional disciplines and conventional medicine.
It is smarter to talk of a convergency of evidence and acceptability.

“Do not judge, with the vanity of knowledge, but have truthful knowledge.” (Daniel. HENRY)

By the simplicity of, The Cupping Medicine, (La Médecine des Ventouses ©) this openness of mind, serve the interests of the sick persons.

II. We talk about it in medias and newspapers

ANECDOTE: Cupping and J.O.

The last Olympic Games of RIO 2016 revealed to the media and the general public, the use of cups by high level athletes from the American continent or the Asian continent.
As far as I am concerned, this observation was effective for a long time, since it was already obvious at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.
However, when an American swimmer Michel PHELPS, an Olympic medalist with 23 gold medals, appears at the start of the swimming pools, with shoulders, shoulder girdle, pelvis, and traces of suction cups … the media explode!

This universal event, made it possible to make known The Cupping Medicine, (La Médecine des Ventouses ©) their results in sports medicine … and the consequences on the performances of the sportsmen!

1.In the first intention, The Cupping Medicine have an undeniable analgesic and circulatory musculo-ligamentary action, according to the anatomical diversities, specific to certain sports.

This is for the mechanical therapeutic aspect, a very important analgesic and anti-inflammatory contribution, when scrupulously respects the codified technical protocols, for sports medicine.
We can already imagine the consecutive positivity! (All this is explained   demonstrated, during our M.D.V.Training.)

2. Second intention: We do not suspect the interest of the second effect of The Cupping Medicine with a specific, codified and precise protocol, allowing the Therapeutic Optimization of the General Condition and Preparation of the Athlete.

But it’s… a second story…!

A few US SPORTS treated by cupping technique:


Michels PHELPS.  Natation. Palmarès inégalé.  28 médailles au total, dont 23 médailles d’Or.

Nathan ADRIAN . Natation. OR, Argent, Bronze. (2008 Pékin. 2012 Londres. 2016 RIO de Janeiro.)

Natalie COUGHLIN  . Natation. OR, Argent, Bronze. (2004 Athènes. 2008 Pékin.)

Alexander NADDOUR  . Gymnaste  cheval d’arçon.( Bronze. 2016 RIO de Janeiro.)

Nick PAPARESTA the trainer for the Oakland Athletics  Head Athletic Trainer

Victor LAURENCE Black : baseball

Simone BILES.    Gold medal for Artistic gymnastics.

TEAM Players on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Akeem Spence ) Equipe Foot Ball Américain.

Anthony Joshua.   Boxe.

Will Russell : Basket.

AMERICAN BASEBALL TEAM Athletes:  Matt Harvey, Vic Black , Jacob de Grom et Jeurys Familia,

Daisuke Matsuzaka :  Especially among pitchers.

Steph. CURRY.   (USA) Star de la NBA .

Gary PAVTON. (USA). Basketball.

Greg Nelson. (USA). Basketball

Chris STACKPOLE : Basket  TEAM the Blazers’ Director of Health and Performance


Bill Williams SONNY .    International  Rugby à XIII et Rugby à XV.


Juan Manuel MARQUEZ : Boxe.

Sportifs Amérique du Sud / Europe.


Dyego HYPOLITO : Médaille d’argent. segundo lugar no solo masculino da Ginástica Artística no Rio 2016.

Arthur NORY:   Médaille de bronze. terceiro lugar no solo masculino da Ginástica Artística no Rio 2016.

Laurent COUHET: brasileiro masculino. de Rugby


Ruta MEILUTYTE .  (LTU)  Natation. Rio 2016

Simonas Bilis (LTU)  Natation . Rio 2016


Chris Walker : Squash

4 fois champion du monde, 1997. Champion du Monde Doubles plus élevé Classement mondial.

Many athletes, other nationalities use Cupping to heal themselves or improve their performance: China. Japan. Russia. Mexico….etc.

Continent AMERICAIN             /          Continent ASIATIQUE.

TRAINING Composition D. HENRY©.  Médecine des Ventouses ©.

TRAINING Composition D. HENRY©.  Médecine des Ventouses ©.


L’A.I.P.M.V. Training offers on Cupping Medicine©.     (La Médecine des Ventouses ©. M.D.V)

The Cupping Medicine codified and updated to our contemporary care in 49 years of practice and the publication of

3 books (referring à oter) on the subject.

This therapeutic technique is precise because it comes from three professional disciplines of Physiotherapy (general medicine), Osteopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Therefore codified therapeutic protocols have given probing unsuspected results, in articular, rheumatic and sport pathologies, on condition that rigor be applied in the clinical reasonning  and in the topographic precison of localization of the cups.

Sprains, tightness, tendonitis, contractures, congestions and persistent edema, arthralgia, lumbar pain, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, columns, etc. Are the articular topographies mainly concerned, by the M.D.V. (Cupping Medicine©.)

For all those pathologies, the technical placing will be perfectly decoded, explaining the precise choice of the points of laying, as well on the anatomical level, as on physiological and clinical levels. Each of these reasons may have a specificity place of laying that is not invented, but corresponds to a precise rule that has to be learned.

It is necessary to know the process, the clinical and anatomical indications and contraindications.

How choose one technique over another? Why?

Why do some areas or specific pathologies require a special procedure?

What to do? And above all, what not to do? and therefore avoid mistakes due to improvisation!

It is essential to control these parameters, as it determines the quality of the expected analgesic result.

The cups, are not pots of yogurt that you put on the skin, with a fancy topography.

“The Cupping Medicine© (M.D.V. ©), You set it with your brain…!

If you don’t respect the clinical protocols of application, If you don’t respect the anatomical protocols of application, If you don’t respect the precise number of the cups laid according to the pathology:

“… you will not have the expected result! “

Many colleagues and health professionals, French, Swiss, Belgians, Tunisians, Luxemburgers, Ukrainians, Algerians, Germans, Moroccans, Austrians, Italians, Polishs, Russians, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, confirm the Cupping Medicine© to be a major gesture of manual therapy.

It is at the antipodes of medieval practices, it is to be fully claimed in the antalgic performance of our health caring.

This training in (M.D.V.)  is the only official training of Cupping Medicine©.

A certificate of hability called Cupping Medicine©(M.D.V) is delivered at the end of the training.

It gives you membership to (MDV) Cupping Medicine© European and International Practitioners Listing.

It is limited to the Health Professionals.

The Cupping Medicine© is of major interest in Sports medicine.

All the traumas of soft tissues, muscels and ligaments, in the inflammatory pathology due to the trauma primary, secondary and long-term sequels.

Sprains, tendonitis, aponeurosis, contractures, congestions and persisting oedema etc.

Many colleagues specialized in sportsmedicin and Sport physiotherapy certified (M.D.V), taking care of sports club in France and internationally, have been applying this therapy for several years, confirm surprising results!

High-level and multi-medal athletes from the American and Asian continents are using this technique with recognized benefits.

This training is regularly praised by all the health professionals who have followed the course, because it is serious, innovative and original.

The technique of the cups thus codified is a specific act of manual therapy and which should be claimed as it “high and loud”

In the morning: Theorie. rigorous clinical observation, and codified therapeutic practice, protocols for each pathology.

The applying of therapeutic principles, will be precisely explained, with physiological, physiosiopathological and neurophysiological arguments.

in the afternoons: practical work.  You will be taught;

  the basic techniques of cold suction cups © hot suction cups ©, scarified cups or non scarified,

  the indications or contraindications of one technique, and the reasons for choosing one rather than another.

  the detailed application protocols for each pathology: rheumatosis, respiratory, digestive, gynecologic, sports medicine, psy, etc.

The course is given in French. Organizers must provide a translator if necessary.

For professionals:   anatomy, physiology, pathology … are universal languages!

Last book, the third on the suject :

Excerpts from the 400 visuals of the course / Formation Cupping Medicine ©. And the last work in progress.

3rd book.

  Therapeutic Guide, in the Cupping Medicine ©.
Decoding of the Treatment Protocols Cupping Medicine
Help Memory of the Practitioner.

              Editions Guy TREDANIEL: 19 rue St Severin 75005. Paris. http://www.editions-tredaniel.com/

                               (400 therapeutic visuals.  Other programmed languages. See editor.)

True Checklist Technique of the practitioner of Cupping Medicine ©, this 3rd work on the subject, is a computer precision, condenses all the many unsuspected indications of this fabulous therapeutic, updated to our practices of contemporary care.

Explicit descriptions of the application protocols, in their anatomical, neurophysiological, energetic and therapeutic

details, determining the reference M.D.V. The third real breviary book of practice, more than 370 therapeutic visuals, released in early 2018:

How to do? And above all why not do?  Indications and contraindications not tolerant of amateurism.

The Cupping Medicine © (M.D.V. ©).  Credibilizes technically the therapeutic contribution of this practice of care, with a professional rigor to the antipodes of the esotericism.

Arthritis, Rheumatology, Physiotherapy, sports medicine, and multitudes of other indications, resulting from the liberal

professional experience (private practice) and hospital of the author, in almost ½ century of care devoted to others, and

some 350.000 suction cups, applied throughout the working life.

D. HENRY, is now a professional professor of the Cupping Medicine ©, in France, Europe and internationally, and is now

devoting himself mainly to the training of Health professionals specifically “Certified reference M.D.V. Cupping Medicine” promulgating the sometimes rapid and surprising results of this wonderful therapy.

Association Internationale des Praticiens de Médecine des Ventouses©. (L’A.I.P.M.V.)

International Association of Medical Practitioners of Cupping Medicine ©. (I.A.M.P.C.M)

The Cupping Medicine,  ( La Médecine des Ventouses ) updated and codified in our contemporary care.

The teaching of the M.D.V for more than 4 decades in France and abroad, to the professions of health of which:
Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Physicians, Nurses, Midwives, consistently collects, from the testimonies of trainees trained, a plebiscite of credibility and serious therapeutic.
The M.D.V. Is taught specifically, led by D. HENRY for 49 years.

This training is regularly praised by all the health professionals who have followed the course, because it is serious, innovative and original.

The technique of the cups thus codified is a specific act of manual therapy and which should be claimed as it “high and loud”

Only ” Referral Training M.D.V.” Médecine des Ventouses. (Cupping Medicine©).

France, Europe and Internationally.

Certificate of competence M.D.V. Issued as a result of the training. Registration European Listing of Practitioners M.D.V.

Reserved for health professions.

N.B:  Information on training dates and availability, upon request.   Only communicated by e-mails.

the last book (3rd):

Therapeutic Guide, in the Cupping Medicine ©.
Decoding of the Treatment Protocols Cupping Medicine
Help Memory of the Practitioner.

Editions Guy TREDANIEL: 19 rue St Severin 75005. Paris. http://www.editions-tredaniel.com/

La Médecine des Ventouses ©. (M.D.V.)

Therapeutic Guide in the Cupping  Medicine.

Recall.On the action of the Cupping  Medicine .(actualization).

  • Recall. On the vascular action of the Cupping Medicine.
  • Percutaneous synergy with VS (single cups).
  • Reflex Action and Cupping Action in Chinese Medicine Physiology.
  • Analgesic action.
  • Codification of: Specific therapeutic protocols.

Treatment equipment :

  • Cold suction cups © VS.
  • Hot suction cups ©, VS.
  • Scarified cups VSc.

The “charter” of the Cupping  Medicine.

  • Principles of the concept of the Cupping Medicine.
  • Medicine of suction cups: three techniques of realization
  • General principles for treatments in the Cupping Medicine.

Cupping Médicine Therapeutic Guide.

Cupping Medecine in rheumatic algies and Sports Medicine.


Cervical pathologies

MDV Neck pains, torticollis, etc.

Migraines and headaches


M.D.V.Migraines and headaches pose protocols.

MDV – Yin Trang (3rd eye) specific pose.

MDV – Occipital neuralgia.

MDV – Trigeminal neuralgia.

MDV – Facial paralysis.

MDV – Temporomandibular joint pain.

MDV – Tinnitus.

MDV – Dizziness.


MDV – Therapeutic protocols arthralgias shoulder, shoulder girdle, acromioclavicular joint.

MDV – Acute shoulder.

MDV – Topographic precision poses anatomical reference acromioclavicular joint pathology.


MDV –Therapeutic protocols in elbow pathologies. Tennis elbow. Lateral epicondilitis.

MDV – Lateral epicondilitis.

MDV – Golfer’s elbow. Medial epicondilitis.

MDV – Biceps Tendinits.

MDV – Elbow three points protocol.

Wrist and hand

MDV – Wrist arthralgia.

MDV – Quervain senovynovitis.

MDV – Thumb pathology.

MDV – Carpal tunnel pathology.

MDV – Dupuytren’s contracture.

MDV – Algoneurodystrophy wrist.

Low back pain

MDV – Low back pain: reference protocol.

MDV – Protocol of vertebral curvatures keys.


MDV – Hip therapeutic protocols pathologies.

MDV – Tendinitis of the gluteus medius bursitis pertrochanteric.

MDV – Tendinitis bursitis gluteus medius.

MDV – Snapping hip.


MDV – Sacroiliac joint diseases.

MDV – Crests treatment technology and Quadratus lumborum.

MDV – Pubalgia, adductor tendinitis.


MDV – pathologies therapeutic protocols.

MDV – Internal knee protocols.

MDV – Pes anserine bursitis, tendinitis of the knee.

MDV – Cupping localization of knee tendinitis.

MDV – Quadriceps tendinis.

MDV – Suction cups on the patellar tendon pathology (jumper’s knee).

MDV – Osgood-Schlatter disease.

MDV – Patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee).

MDV – Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

MDV – Patellar decompression technique.

MDV –I liotibial band syndrome (ITBS).

MDV – Knee tendinitis popliteal area.

MDV – Shin splints.

Soft tissues

MDV – Muscle cramps.

MDV – Muscle strains.

MDV – Muscle strain. Tear muscle, breakdown.

Circulatory pathologies

MDV – Crossed legs syndrome, restless legs syndrome (RLS).


MDV – Ankle pathology, sprains, ligament injuries.

MDV – Algoneurodystrophy ankle, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).

MDV – Achilles tendon pathologies.

Foot and toes

MDV –Treatment of heel spurs.

MDV – Plantar Fasciitis.

MDV – Protocol “Key top of the 3 arches of the foot”.

MDV – Decongestion of the anterior arch of the foot.

MDV – Hallux-Valgus.

Cupping Medecine in ductal syndromes

  • Generalities

Ductal syndromes : cervical spine and upper limb

MDV – Cervicobrachial neuralgia.

MDV – Thoracic outlet compression syndrome (TOCS).

MDV – Parasthesic notalgia.

MDV – Post-zosteral neuralgia, postherpetic neuralgia.

MDV Suprascapular neuropathy, suprascapular entrapment.

MDV – Axillary nerve syndrome.

MDV – Cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar nerve compression Guyon canal.

MDV – Ulnar nerve compression.

MDV – Carpal canal, double crush syndrome neuropathy.

Ductal syndromes : lumbar spine and pelvis

MDV – Lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain.

MDV – Meralgia paresthetica.

MDV – Piriformis syndrome.

MDV – Pudendale Neuralgia entrapment.

Ductal syndromes : the inferior member

MDV – Infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve pareshesia.

MDV – Common Peroneal Nerve Entrapment at the Fibular head.

MDV – Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS).

MDV – Foot neuralgia of Morton (Morton’s neuroma).

MDV – Synthesis of preventive treatments for arthralgias of the foot, the arch of the foot, the toes.

  • 3..Cupping Medecine in visceral pathologies.


Pulmonary visceral diseases

MDV – Pulmonary points.

MDV – Protocol of diaphragmatic balance.

MDV – Support of essential oils in respiratory pathologies.

MDV – Blisters.

Dermatologic diseases

Gynecologic diseases

MDV – Premenstrual syndrome.

MDV – Menopause hot flushes.

MDV – Support of essential oils in gynecologic pathologies.

Digestive diseases

MDV – Pathology functional area of digestive projection.

MDV – Spleen stomach sphere balance.

MDV – Acid reflux, hiccups.

MDV – Intestine sphere balance.

MDV – Enteroptosis, decongestion quadratus lumborum.

Urinary diseases

  • 4.Cupping Medecine in psychoemotional disorders.

MDV – Use of Sianes points in psychoemotional disorders.

MDV – Keystones in psychoemotional disorders.

MDV – Psychoemotional pathology diaphragmatic balance protocol.

Conclusions on the therapeutic procedure of visceral and psychoemotional pathologies.

  • 5. Cupping Medecine and seasonal watchmaking.

MDV– Energy optimization of a year with the 5 elements

MDV– Optimization of the cutaneous supports according to the seasons of the 5 elements.

6. Application of seasonal chronoregulation

MDV – Seasonal Spring timing protocol.

MDV – Seasonal Summer timing protocol.

MDV – Seasonal Autumn timing protocol.

MDV – Seasonal Winter timing protocol.

Therapeutic Guide in the Cupping Medicine.

The author’s third book on the subject, Therapeutic Guide in the Cupping Medicine, with a computer precision, condenses all the multiple unsuspected indications of this fabulous therapeutic, updated with our practices of contemporary care.
Explicit descriptions of the application protocols, in their anatomical, neurophysiological, energetic and therapeutic details, determining the reference M.D.V.

How to do ? And above all, why not do it? Indications and contraindications do not tolerate amateurism.
The Cupping Medicine (M.D.V.)   technical credibility of the therapeutic contribution of this practice of care, with a professional rigor at the antipodes of esotericism.

Joint pain, rheumatology, sports medicine, and many other indications, resulting from the liberal and hospitable professional experience of the author, in almost half a century of care devoted to others, and some 350.000 cups laid all indications, during this professional life.

Recognized teacher of the Medicine of Cupping © in France, Europe, and Internationally, D. HENRY is now mainly devoted to the training of professionals specifically “Certified M.D.V.” at the end. Promulgating the often quick and surprising results of this wonderful therapy.

International Association Cupping Medicine of Practitioners.

Association Internationale des Praticiens de Médecine des Ventouses. (L’A.I.P.M.V)